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Oct. 1st, 2008


63nd Lesson - Off Line- Letters found by Professor Cat's desk

To my dear students: Fakir, Mytho, Rue and AhiruCollapse )

To Miss EveCollapse )

(ooc; Characters can find the letters beside a cat in Prof. Cat's room. I should have posted this yesterday, but RL kicked me in the butt! Strikeouts = illegible inked spots).

Sep. 30th, 2008


62nd Lesson

This is the time. I...I can't hide behind my students, I taught them to dance and love and hoped to set myself as their example. Mrr... But they found a couple before their instructor, a pas de deux companion for the rest of their lives. Young Fakir shouldn't have died to protect us. He should grow old with miss Ahiru and he should make her happy. His dance would stop being painfully aghast.

I can do it.

Private to the City Deities (Made Unhackable by Eve);

E-E-Excuse me. I... Ahem. I'd like to make a trade to restore young Fakir's life.

Sep. 25th, 2008


61st Lesson

Mrr.... Young Fakir's aghast dance so full of despair. In my years with him, I have never seen him hitting the bottom of desperation when he should be happy in love. What kind of professor I am to him that has never noticed this?


Opera Abandoned corps de ballet proudly presents:


Featuring in the main roles:

Ahiru as Coppélia
Mythos as Franz
Rue as Swanilde
Fakir as Doctor Coppélius

A light comedy to lift the City's spirits about young love, infatuation, science pursuits and misunderstandings by the genius hands of Arthur Saint-Léon (choreography), Saint-Léon and Charles Nuitter (libretto), and Léo Delibes (music) only for limited time on the Opera Abandoned stage!!

Sunday 28, Monday 29, 20:30!

The prices list and rules remain unchanged since last functions. Nyaa~ We'll be honored to have you in attendance any of the listed dates, ladies and gentlemen.

(ooc; If your character is interested to attend to ballet in whichever date, go ahead and assume they went since there won't be comment log or log ;) . Opera Abandoned people will get free seats. All other PC students-if they want- are in the ballet, too, in the other nameless roles, mod that at your leisure. Haley did the banner, btw =D).

Sep. 16th, 2008

Ballet pose

60th Lesson (Comment log-Locked to Fakir)


[ It's been a while he is able to dance alone on the stage. Ahhh. He remembers his days of glory as a young cat and the tours across Europe before settling down when he aged, hoping to find a partner to spend his last years with. The sudden gloom of the loneliness nearly has him land incorrectly from his series of leap.

He is still a bachelor. While his students... ]

Sep. 10th, 2008

The Scream

59th Lesson



How come my young pupils, young enough to be my kittens, have found their eternal dancing partner to share a life with while their instructor remain a bachelor? Nyah!! Why!

Aug. 18th, 2008

predatory/surprise pounce!

58th Lesson


What... What happened yesterday? I spat black feathers out my muzzle for hours. Did I eat a bird? DID SOMEBODY SEE ME ACTING LIKE A SAVAGE BEAST?


...Students, I think we should begin to practice to dance a comedy next. What are your suggestions?

(ooc; Like the main four of the Tutu crew, he was affected by Mytho's Road not Taken and he turned into a Raven minion for the day. He was in his room the entire time. I didn't post because I didn't have an icon *g*).

Aug. 10th, 2008


57th Lesson

Love among my students lasts like the flutter of a butterfly's wings.

...Nya... This and young Fakir's choice to move. How can they practice dancing if their hearts are in the wrong place? But I envy those spring infatuations! At my age and I hadn't experienced anything alike and now all I can wait for is settle down and marry with my true love.

Jul. 30th, 2008

Ballet pose

56th Lesson - Video Post

(ooc; Plz, be ignoring the other fandoms in the video. But I couldn't resist ;;)

Jul. 20th, 2008

You will have to marry me~! ♥

55th Lesson

[Ongoing siren noise]


Code Red! Code Red! This is an emergency, Rangers! I need you to come to the Command Center immediately! Mrrr... You were to be delayed, you must face the consequences!

(ooc; Sleep! I couldn't find you yesterday. Do you want Uzura to be Alpha or a monster attacking? We can assume npc "enemies"?)

Jul. 15th, 2008

The Scream

54th Lesson

A-Arrested for shedding in a public place?! But officer... Ahem~ I can't help, we're approaching summer and my fur naturally falls to be replaced by...


No, wait! Nyaaa! No, I didn't mean to offend you, officer. Ouch! Officer, I say I'm sorry! Hiss~ Not the tail!


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